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This is the home page to Stenoweb.
Eisbrecher is a Sony laptop. I dislike using it as a laptop, so I am currently using it as a test version of TECT. It has a 2.5GHz dual core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and a 180GB Intel 520 SSD.

The following tests need to be done:
  1. Installing SharePoint Foundation Language Packs.
    1. I have the English and German language packs.
    2. Installed German language pack, SharePoint still works. The next question is how to enable it for the interface in SP2010 Foundation. I have a secondary user, Gotsch, which will be used for testing language settings.
  2. Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise
    1. It turns out this is specifically recommended against. Many features do work, but Microsoft doesn't support this configuration. MySite is one thing that does not work out of the box, as there is an error with permissions on the spfarm account.
    2. In a low-memory environment such as on topham, SharePoint may completely stop functioning altogether if you upgrade to SP2010 Enterprise. I believe I pushed down every single available feature, which tends to be something Microsoft recommends you have 20GB or so of memory in order to do.
    3. One possibility to get MySites working may be to add the spfarm account to the Domain Admins group.
  3. Install Office 2010 Web Apps (if I even have them.)
  4. Install SharePoint Server/Enterprise Language Packs.
  5. Install Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5
    1. ​I'd like to test it with both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. I don't know if ABR for SBS is looking for specific versions of Windows/SharePoint/Exchange, or if it's just license-limited to a single machine, and allows for backups of those products.
    2. After upgrading to SP2010 Enterprise, I couldn't get AB*R 11.5 to actually create a backup, it failed saying that there was an error with the VSS provider. I've since reverted to the "base install with drivers" 
  6. Migrate to SharePoint 2013 Enterprise (plus Office Web Apps)
    1. ​I could also hypothetically host SharePoint 2013 Enterprise + Office Web Applications on a separate machine. Maybe one running Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2. The entire machine will be significantly smaller, so backups should also be simpler, and can be a separate solution from TECT.
  7. Using SBS with a wireless/second network.
    1. Desired behavior: DHCP or static on second network, no providing "services" like dhcp/dns to the second network. accept incoming connections for IIS/Files and gather updates.
    2. Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.36.03 PM.pngScreen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.36.03 PM.png
    3. You can deslect wireless connections so that the server may be a pure client on that connection.
    4. If you do not configure a static IP address on the second network connection, it is not eligible to host DHCP connections. (yay)
  8. More than 75 named users.
    1. It would just be nice to know. SBS 2011 Standard is said to be "designed for businesses with up to 75 employees" -- but the application of CALs often has no technical impact whatsoever, and it may be possible to have more than 75 users.