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Knights of ITS



Knights of ITS WOW Guild & in-person field trips

2013-10-13 Guild Field Trip Report Draft​

On Sunday, 2013-10-13, several of the members of the Knights of ITS went to the Grand Canyon Airport. Much of the Day Trip Packing List was included in Julie's Armored Land Cruiser. Julie, Rick, Cat, Cory and Rachel were present for the trip, making it a fully qualified guild run.

Rick, Julie, Cory, and Rachel departed from Julie's home at 9:30 a.m. on the day of and landed at the Crazyhouse to get Cat promptly at 9:59 a.m., wherein her accoutremants were loaded into the cruiser and we left town in the direction of the Grand Canyon Airport.

Before reaching the airport, we had two stops: One at the small church and one at an unnamed abandoned building which shall be defined as "a small industrial building which could be converted to a domicile."

The small church had a Wedding occurring at 4 p.m. but was otherwise unoccupied when we arrived.

The small industrial building had much vandalism done to it, but looked like a reasonably strong structure which had a lot of opportunity.

At the site of the Grand Canyon airport, we were greeted by several horses and a dog named Gunny. A suspicious motorized home unit, Jeep and utility vehicle were present. We examined the hangar and what was likely the business office of the Grand Canyon Tourist Airline, and then headed up toward the house.

We learned, from the resident of the motorized home unit that the house was one of two that had been standing in the vicinity up to recently. Both were duplexes and the remaining house had been in use as an office for the ranch which has a use/operating agreement with the forest service up until approximately eight years ago. In addition to several cisterns and a root cellar, there were utility poles which looked like they had previously connected the facilities to an electrical operating company, as well as potentially to the Bell system.

After the completion of the exploration activities food preparation commenced inside the hangar, which served as protection from the wind.

Some additional long-distance exploring was completed after the food had been prepared and consumed.

The site was cleaned and the charcoal we'd used for cooking was properly extinguished and stowed in the Armored Land Cruiser for the jaunt back to town. At 4:30 p.m. we saw the wedding group at the small church.