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This is the home page to Stenoweb.

"copenhagen" is a Dell XPS M1730, which is an extremely large gaming laptop. It was aqcuired from a colleague who was tossing it out with the intent to put its memory and CPU into a ThinkPad R61 from defor.

The machine booted up and I put in a disk with which to test, and it surprisingly worked very well.

The display is an "UltraSharp" 1920x1200 model, and it has two 512MB GeFORCE 8800M GTX GPUs operating in SLI mode. Games I was not able to play very much of for performance reasons, such as SimCity, work very well at reasonably good settings on this system. In addition, World of Warcraft in particular operates at nearly 60 frames per second in "ultra" graphics mode. The large display of this machine means that it can be the spiritual successor to Vorlaeufer.

Near the beginning of its "life" on the stenoweb farm, I took the CPU out of Illy, and put it into this machine. The slower CPU out of this machine is currently sitting in Illy, but will be installed in one of the two ThinkPad R61s I acquired from defor, along with the four gigabytes of memory from Illy.

The only other upgrades that are reasonable or possible for this machine are 8 gigabytes of memory and upgrading to a boot SSD and/or two fast spinning disks (maybe in RAID 0 mode.)


  • 2014-09-20: Replaced T8300 CPU with T9300.
  • 2014-08-30: Installed Windows 7
  • 2014-08-15: Acquired

Upcoming Concerns

The CPU of this system is not that much faster than the CPU in superslab, which is my main computer. If I want to continue using this system, I should probably find the disk bracket for it.

Also, it's not actually a very stable system and I've since stopped using it anyway.Also, it's not actually a very stable system and I've since stopped using it anyway.
​ ​
​Model ​Dell XPS M1730
​CPU ​Intel Core2Duo T9300
​Memory ​4GB DDR2-800MHz
​Storage ​750GB disk
​OS ​Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
​Acquired ​2014-08-15
​Status ​Gaming + Desk PC