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Stenoweb Home Page


Endpoint Computer Roles

This is the home page to Stenoweb.

​​​​This page aims to document endpoint computers I am currently using and their current roles. Some computers may share roles. This table is currently restricted to desktop-experience computers. Yellow hilighting indicates systems that are now gone and blue hilighting indicates systems that are probably going to go away soon, or still work but aren't being used often.


​hostname Operating System​ ​Apps/Roles HW Notes​ Date Built​
​eisbrecher ​Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

​on-the-go gaming computer.

Nothing else.

Okay it has PuTTY, but nothing other than that.

​modern, no major hardware problems
setting up new Windows installs is anoying
I've reainstalled 7 Pro on this machine and am going to run it off-domain. Main purposes will be gaming and photo management.

As of 2014-08, I am not using this machine actively. Eisbrecher is a powerful machine in a form factor I don't like very well, and driver issues prevent me from configuring it with Windows 7 or 8 Pro in order to join it to the STENOWEB\ domain. The low-resolution display and the trackpad prevent it from being useful in any configuration other than "plugged into a monitor" and the soldered memory prevents it from being upgraded to sixteen gigabytes of memory.

2014-12: it had Windows 10 on it but Windows 10 isn't reliable on this hardwar. What I want to do is take the SSD out and put Windows 7 back on its stock 750 gig hard disk as an on-the-go gaming machine. I'll put OneNote, but probably not the rest of Office on it.

2015-02-01: I reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium and stripped it of most of the horrific Sony stuff. It has Steam and some games installed, and nothing else.

​June 2012


​Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit ​Internet
Loaning to People

​static noise from speakers, headphones, and USB headset. (Note: 2013-02-27: a new install of Windows 7 has remedied this issue.)
overheats when using discrete ATi GPU (not that this is a very performant GPU anyway)
probably fairly fixable, the GPU just needs a new heat pad and the sound may just need to be reconnected or need an OS reinstall. (Note: 2013-02-27: This seems not to be happening anymore, but I haven't tested it significantly.)​

As of 2015-07-31, superslab is arguably still my main computer, in the face of lots of differnt systems that are objectively faster than it. It just keeps going, it's stable, it's fast enough, and it runs all of my favorite software. I don't think I'll be upgrading it to Windows 10, however, so it stands to become a bit of a time capsule.

​February 2009
​vorlaeufer ​Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

Gaming (WoW and older games only)
Loaning to People

​"fan error" -- probably relatively fixable, a working workaround is in place.
The machine is already far too large to really be portable anyway.
​September 2005
​keskiviikko ​Windows 7 Professional 32-bit ​iTunes
​Intermittently does not turn on. Good disk, has built-in wifi.
(machine decomissioned 2013-02-22)
​tacgnol ​Windows Vista Business 32-bit ​RDP ​bad disk
very low memory ceiling
continues stalling, even with maxed ram
seriously, stalls out while performing mundane desktop operating like "moving the mouse"
bad battery.
(machine decomissioned 2013-02-22)
​March 2003
​adom ​Windows 7 Professional 32-bit ​RDP

not active
one bad USB port (mitigated by using a USB hub on a monitor)
keyboard is too small for it to be useful on its own
I frequently forget that I even own this machine.
fan is pretty bad and extraordinarily noisy

December 2008
​topham ​Windows Server 2008R2 ​SharePoint 2010 Test/Dev Server

SharePoint 2010 Dev/Test
​stationary, moonlights as backup/test/qa server
Potential use: SunRay server, windows storage server 2008r2 for music/videos/laptop backups
As of 2013-03, this machine has been used as a stationary desktop computer.
As of 2014-08: I have not used topham in a very long time. It sits idle waiting to donate parts to another computer build or be sold/given/recycled or for yet another testing server to be needed.

2015-02: topham is getting ready to give its disk to knarvik and knarvik's twin, and then be given to a colleague.

2015-03: topham was given away.

​Built: probably 2009
Bought: late 2012
​surfacepad ​Windows RT ​Internet
watching (some) media like NetFlix

​really it's a tablet but it has desktop file management and Office.

After two years, its battery is still strong although I have been considering buying yet another power adapter (the third in total) for it, as well as a Surface Type Cover 2, as the retaining pins on my cover are broken and the two adapters I have for it (bought at launch) are starting to be intermittent. I don't know if this issue is on the RT itself or on the adapters.

​October 2012
​MILVAX ​Mac OS X 10.8.x ​Internet
watching media
photo processing
​mac mini
As of 2013-09-16, MILVAX is set up as my main desktop computer again.
​April 2012

​not going to have a very good battery. GMA4500 only. Excellent condition. 4GB, needs a hard disk. Could be used just as well as topham for things like sharepoint dev/testing, or as a unix testing ground.
Currently running Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow." -- general desktop use, mainly Internet.

As of 2014-09 vaxjo is back to its testing server duties, and will eventually have SharePoint 2013 installed on it.

As of early 2015, vaxjo has the most recent version of Fedora on it. Promptly, a new version of Fedora was released.

​September 2008
nachibes Windows 7


​Investigating RAM upgrade. Excellend condition. It currently has a factory load of Windows XP on it.
put the hard disk from keskiviikko into it and am using it with Linux.

2014-11: put Windows 7 and Office 2010 on nachibes. It's capable of regular bedside computing, or sideboard tasks. I could use it as a take-along writing computer for situations where I was guaranteed to have electricity. It uses SharePoint Workspace to sync my whole sharepoint document library, so I can work on blog entries without Internet.

​June 2003

illy ​Windows 7 ​internet, writing, email, games.

​Calvin is using this computer after it was suddenly and surprisingly revived. It has a blu-ray writer in it, though I haven't been able to certify for certain that it works as expected. It is missing several case pieces and is therefore not particularly well suited for mobile use.

As of 2014-07 -- Illy has died, probably permanently, and will contribute its parts back out to other machines.

2015-07-31 -- Illy has officially donated the Intel T8300 CPU it was holding onto to umea.

​2008, probably.
flippy​ ​Windows RT ​internet, writing, rdp

​bought refurb from lenovo on epic sale.

Over the course of having it, I learned that this machine has a very poor keyboard and an extremely unreliable SD card reader, so I have ultimately given up using it on a regular basis unless there's something that I do that requires dual USB ports and an attempt at the SD card reader, or the twelve hours of battery life it's still capable of getting. It's much larger and heavier than the Surface RT and under normal conditions its few advantages aren't strictly necessary.

​September 2012

falsterbo ​Windows 8.1 internet, ssh, OneNote

​Dell Venue 8 Pro, pure slate tablet.

Even though it has Office on it, I use it primarily for reading long articles in IE11:Metro.

As of May-June 2015, I'm using it as a fridge-tablet. It sits on the fridge, displaying my calendar and OneNote pages.

​Late 2013

copenhagen​​ ​Windows 7 Pro 64 ​Games, Internet, Media, Office.

​Dell XPS M1730 -- acquired August 2014. This machine will likely succeed eisbrecher as the "stationary" computer I use for media and games.

2014-09-27: copenhagen has most of my games on it and runs them all with aplomb. It runs Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010. I have yet to move my Lightroom license to it, but that may ultimately be in the cards for this particular system, especially if I can get the disk mount for it and either give it superslab or eisbrecher's SSD and a new data hard disk, or new storage for it. This machine is modern and enough that it'll do well with Windows 8.1, so if I ever buy another copy therein, it's likely to go on here.


2014-12: copenhagen is mostly idle, because of the GPU reliability issue.

2015-02: copenhagen is back up, reinstalled the nVidia drivers, I'm going to keep it on the desk to do some games until the video card for knarvik arrives.

​Late 2007
umea ​Windows 10 Tech Preview ​ThinkPad R61 -- acquired July 2014
Running the Windows 10 Tech Preview.
2015-07-31 -- upgraded to T8300 CPU. It has 4GB of RAM and a "fresh" (as of slightly earlier in the year) disk. The regooping and new CPU make the machine come alive.
​Late 2007
linnarp ​ThinkPad R61 -- acquired July 2014 ​Late 2007
knar​vik ​Windows 10 Tech Preview games, internet, media, office HPQ 6200 Pro -- acquired December 2014. RUnning W10TP and Office365, mainly for licensing reasons.
It has a video card now and it is my main game computer.
​test server, virtualization ​HPQ 6200 Pro -- acquired December 2014. Running Fedora Workstation until such a time as it gets the rest of its RAM and I start using it either for Hyper-V or as a SharePoint 2013 test server in the hardware.
2018: Gave finnmark's power supply to knarvik.
uppsala​ ​Windows 10 Pro ​main laptop ​Surface Laptop i5/8/256 -- main "laptop" but replaced by Surface Go as main on-the-go computer. ​2017
​Windows 10 Home ​Main On-The-Go ​Surface Go 8/128 -- main on the go computer. Needs a name! ​August 2018
​T400 Body Double  ​2008
  * The names on "superslab body double" and "tacgnol 2" are tentative.