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Stenoweb Home Page



This is the home page to Stenoweb.

​Finnmark is the twin to knarvik except that it has some slightly different hardware. While knarvik is going to be a desktop, finnmark is destined to be a testing server, with the possibility that it'll ultimately live on as a Windows Server 2012 domain controller once TECT moves on to virtualization. There's also the possibility it will be used with a backup of TECT's data during that conversion process. Migration_From_SBS2011s has more information on my thought process about re-doing TECT and where to put the data while that's happening.


  • 2016-07-01: finished migrating TECT off of finnmark onto sodor (the new name for the TECT hardware)
  • 2015-09-16: Bought a new 6TB WD Green for finnmark, to store VHD files. Also installed Windows Hyper-V Server 2012R2.
  • 2015-07-xx: received last of RAM from defor. (yay!) It will now have 16 gigabytes.
  • 2015-02-06: the machine has officially been named finnmark.
  • 2014-12-04: Finnmark has arrived.
  • 2014-11-01: Confirmed existence of knarvik.

Upcoming Concerns

Waiting for defor to send the rest of the memory to bring it to sixteen gigs of ram.

Need to install a Windows Server OS of some sort on it, and probalby go ahead and take an image of that.​

finnmark ​

​ ​
​Model ​HP Compaq 6200 Pro
​CPU Intel Core i5-2400
​Memory ​16GB
​Storage ​2000GB + 6000GB
​OS ​Hyper-V Bare Metal 2012R2
​Acquired ​2014-12-04
​Status ​testing/virtualization server