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Stenoweb Home Page



This is the home page to Stenoweb.

flyingkipper and its as-of-yet unnamed twin were acquired in early 2016, essentially as a junk haul from an Internet acquaintance. The best bits of the two machines were combined into one slightly better system, which is now flyingkipper itself. Although it's unlikely that the body double will ever run. The body double has two 3.2GHz/1M CPUs and 3GB of RAM, plus two 36GB 15k-RPM disks.

The system is going to be used to run SharePoint 2010. In part to see what it's like, in part to use with Office Web Apps 2010. Potentially, users of the STENOWEB\ domain will be able to collaborate on documents in real-time.

The hardware should run the TECT workload as well, which could be an interesting place for that to go on a temporary basis, especially as an incentive to move services off of that OS install.


  • 2016-04-DD: Event happened!
  • 2016-09-28: Install Windows 2008R2.

Upcoming Concerns

The flyingkipper hardware will, as of right now, not run any versions of Windows newer than 8.0 or 2012. There are said to be some CPUs that will run this software, but it may not be worth making that. The next available upgrades for this machine are 300GB disks to approximately double the storage capacity from around 700GB to around 1.4TB. RAM can also be upgraded to 12GB. There's probably not much future in a machine that can easily be bested by more modern NUCs and laptops.

If I continue running this hardware, I need to get more or better Ethernet cable(s) to reach where the system is located, and also backup hardware and software. It might merit a UPS as well.

​ ​
​Model ​Hewlett Packard DL380 G4
​CPU ​2x 3.4GHz Xeon, 2M
​Memory ​7GB
​Storage ​6*147GB 10k0RPM SCSI, RAID5
​OS ​Windows Server 2008R2
​Acquired ​April-May 2016
​Status ​SharePoint 2010